SouLy Me


Hey Hey! It's Jasmine Williams and I am the creator and founder of SouListic. SouListic was created and designed for those seeking pure and rich nutrients to nourish their skin. Originally, my desire for all natural and organic regimen was to combat the problem acne and extremely dry skin that I suffered from. Through extensive research and a lot of trial and errors my skin was looking and feeling more glorious than ever. This is why I want to share my successes with you all. SouListic prides itself for our hand made process in that it allows each of you to contour the products to your liking; adding organic essential oil for scent or unscented, more oil less oil whatever you prefer. Birthed straight from Mother Nature our products are committed to improving the life and feel of your skin. By providing the ultimate shine, extreme moisture, and luxurious feel SouListic products will have you loving your skin more than you ever had before!

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